Royal Marine (Pembrooke Street)

As the area has had a direct involvement with the Royal Marine Corps for over 350 years it’s no great surprise to find that the Three Towns – Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport – have each had a Royal Marine pub in that time, what may be most surprising is that of the three the one in Stonehouse, where the main local Corps base is, was the shortest lived (in the second half of the nineteenth century), followed by the post-war pub in Efford (in the second half of the twentieth century), leaving the Devonport pub of that name (at the western end of Pembroke Street) the only one to survive more than half a century.

With their origins in the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot, established in 1664, the Corps have had a base in Plymouth since 1755 and the Parade on the Barbican is said to be so named because that was the parade ground for corps when they were originally billeted in Southside Street.


1852 - William Howell
1865 - William Coaker
1867 - John Barfoot
1873 - Mrs M Knapman
1877 - T Full
1880 - E Griggs
1885 - S Rowe
1895 - John Keohane
1898 - Thomas Luddington
1903 - T Holman
1907 - H Reed
1908 - LM Blake
1910 - B McSweeney
1911 - WJ White