Rose of England

The rose, a symbol of our nation and by far the most common plant to appear in the lists of pub names up and down the country. Without doubt the most popular of the names to incorporate this particular fragrant flower is the Rose and Crown – the joint name showing a proud alliance with the English monarch. There are dozens of Rose and Crowns in London alone and time was when Plymouth (Old Town Street) and Devonport (Pembroke Street) each had one too: in Stonehouse, however, we found the Rose of England.

Located in that bit of High Street that was formerly known as Fore Street (the oldest part of High Street), the pub stood barely fifty yards from the entrance to Stonehouse Bridge.
The pub appears to have been relatively short-lived, with only one family running it up to its closure in the late 1880s.


1857 - Richard Martin
1873 - Ann Martin