Rose and Crown

In an earlier pub piece on the Rose and Crown, published on these pages some twelve years or so ago, I wrote; ‘this part of Old Town Street was substantially redeveloped in the late-1890s, although the pub itself was not pulled down until the 1920s’. The discovery of this photograph in Denise Bailey’s collection, however prompts a correction.

Clearly the pub site was redeveloped along with other buildings around it and in place of ancient sixteenth century Rose and Crown a new edifice bearing that name was constructed here on the corner of Week Street and Thomas Bryant, whose name appears above the door in this photograph, became the new licensee here. Curiously enough there was a parallel story with the neighbouring Bedford Vaults, further up Old Town Street.

The Rose and Crown, which stood on a site just up from the current Post Office, ceased to be a hotel in the 1920s – the building was a blitz victim in 1941.


1898 - Thomas Bryant
1910 - J Murley
1911 - F Rowett