Rochester Inn

Towards the end of the Victorian era it seemed that almost every corner of Cecil Street had a pub on it, of course there still is the Melbourne on the corner of Wyndham Street, but there was also the Prince Arthur on the corner of Belmont Street, the Durham Arms on Durham Lane, the Engine House on Grosvenor Street, the Ocean on Stonehouse Lane and the Grapes on Neswick Street. Over and above those there were a couple of others, including Pride of Devon and the Rochester Inn at what was originally No.6 Cecil Street, but which became No.90 when the numbering was changed. This was presumably done so that the numbers on opposite sides of the street were more in sync – previously the numbering had gone down one side and up the other (it happened after the bottom end of the street underwent changes through the redevelopment of King Street around 1900). The Rochester appears to have closed around 1910.


1862 - William Down
1885 - Mrs C Langmead
1893 - Charles Jenkins
1898 - RE Sheridan
1903 - Mrs Bodilly
1907 - W Jackets