Robin Hood

Just below Laira Bridge, at Prince Rock, there was, in the middle of the nineteenth century, a pub called the Robin Hood and Little John, there was also an even older establishment on the Barbican, in New Street called, more simply, the Robin Hood, and, although that closed as a pub in 1932 it still operates under that name as a club.

Until 1961 there was another Robin Hood in Stonehouse and, not wishing to pass over the positive associations that are conjured up by the name of one our most famous outlaws/people’s hero, and not wishing to be outdone by its neighbours, Devonport also had its own Robin Hood. It stood in Princes Street, parallel to and north of Fore Street on a site inside but almost on the edge of the Admiralty’s 1950’s extension to South Yard of the Dockyard.


1857 - John Martin
1877 - J Bevan
1882 - G Glanville
1890 - J Beare
1895 - T Stafford
1900 - DJ Allen
1912 - JG McLean