Rising Sun (Stonehouse)

A popular pub name through the years – it’s generally either a symbol of optimism, or the east, and is a common heraldic motif – there have been a number of Rising Suns around the Plymouth area over the years: one long gone in Castle Street, on the Barbican, another, within living memory for many, on Marsh Mills Roundabout (it was renamed the Roundabout shortly before its demise) and the ‘country pub within a city’ – the still very-much-open Rising Sun in Eggbuckland Road.

There was also fourth, however, in Stonehouse, on the south side of High Street, between St Mary Street and the delightfully named Navy Bower, some fifty yards or so west of the entrance to the Royal Naval Hospital. It appears to have closed sometime in the late 1860s.


1850 - William Thompson
1857 - John Stentiford