Rising Sun (Castle Street)

No.20 Castle Street, formerly stood near the top end of the street, furthest from the Barbican and close to the corner with Castle Dyke Lane. It was a crowded,.narrow thoroughfare with an iron foundry on the site of what later a small school. From the earliest days of the nineteenth century, at least, through to the late 1850s there seldom appears to have been less than ten drinking establishments in the street. Like the street itself it would also seem that from time to time these pubs changed their names, perhaps in order to shake off a dubious reputation (which most of them apparently enjoyed) or to simply target a new clientele. Either way only half of them appear to have hung on to their names for full fifty years or more, and curiously, the one with probably the most common name – the Rising Sun – was one of them.


1798 - William Hill
1804 - Hannah Hill
1824 - Peter Elford
1844 - Christopher Whittaker
1847 - J Johns
1850 - William Williams
1857 - William Collins