Riley’s Bar

Riley’s Bar in Courtenay Street is part one of the more unusual bar chains in Britain. Named after Edward Riley, a keen sportsman who, way back in 1878, quit his job in a bank to set up a business in Manchester manufacturing cricket bats and various sports toys and goods, its true origins began a few years later when Riley started producing billiards tables. His fledgling business received a big break at the beginning of the twentieth century when competitors chose a Riley table for the finals. Soon after that Riley and his team moved into the Billiard Hall business and now, although no longer anything to do with the table production company, there are over 100 Riley Pool and Snooker Clubs around the country.

Bought out in 2009 by Valiant Sports Limited, the company still trades as Riley’s and Plymouth is one of three in Devon, the others being in Exeter and Torquay. In addition to the pool and snooker tables there are various other sports on offer, principally via a giant 3D TV screen.