Richmond Walk Inn

It was the closest pub to Ocean Quay Railway station although it clearly predated the arrival of trains in the south west. Curiously enough however it would seem that its demise coincided with that of the boat trains which ran from here between 1877 and 1910. The trains were on the London and South Western Railway and there was a gentle rivalry between here and the boat trains running out of Millbay by the Great Western. A race in 1904 was won by GWR, but then in 1906 there was a terrible accident on the LSWR, twenty eight lives were lost and shortly after that the plug was pulled on that service although goods trains continued to run until 1966.

Previously confused with the Richmond Inn on the junction of Richmond Street and York Street, but this late 1880s image undoubtedly is of the inn at Richmond Walk, which stood at that point (No.17 Richmond Walk) beyond Baker Place where the road curves to the left, then back to the right towards the present Ocean Court Marina.


1822 - William Ryder
1823 - Richard Harris
1844 - Henry Dodridge
1864 - John Rogers
1875 - EJ Davey
1878 - Mrs S Rogers
1885 - Mrs E Moir
1888 - Thomas Major
1893 - Mrs Elizabeth Dawe
1895 - Richard Collins
1898 - Mrs Kathryn Fitzgerald