Operating under the 100 bed Travelodge and completing the occupancy of the four large units fronting Derry’s Cross roundabout is Revolution. With other Revolutions in scattered across the country; from Aberdeen and Glasgow, through Leeds, Liverpool, Swindon and Swansea this is one of more than forty Revolutions around the country already (another fifty or so are planned). Part of the multi-million pound Inventive Leisure PLC portfolio, this trendy new bar opened in September 2005. Its unique selling point is the company’s ability to provide more than 100 different ways to drink vodka and to help, in the course of that activity, its young punters to “know the difference between their Zubrowkas from their Wyborowas”. Situated on the corner of the Travelodge site this is a long way from you old-style corner pub and can cater for parties ranging in number from 6-600. Seeking to employ staff that are close in age to its clientele, it is yet another reflection of the growing student population in the city.