Red White and Blue

Adelaide Street, Plymouth, (as opposed to Adelaide Street, Stonehouse) was relatively short-lived; it wasn’t developed until the middle of the nineteenth century and it had been incorporated into Rendle Street by the beginning of the 1870s. During that comparatively brief period of time over a quarter of the properties in that short thoroughfare between Flora Street and Octagon Street had apparently served at one time or another as beerhouses; one of them – No.31 – on the southern corner of the junction with Octagon Street.

One of two Plymouth pubs at that time to share the name Red, White and Blue (the other was in William Street, on a site now covered by Armada Way, above Mayflower Street}, the Red White and Blue was run for over ten years by Samuel Parsons. The name is generally a gently jingoistic way of referring to the Union Jack.


1857 - Samuel Parsons