Red Cow (Exeter Street)

On the south-western corner of the junction of Exeter Street and Moon Street stood the Red Cow. Originally No.19 Briton Side, it became 132 Exeter Street before the end of the nineteenth century.

Time was when Red Cow was a popular name for a pub – there was another in Frankfort Place and another in Devonport and there are many more still to be found around the country. The Red Cow is thought to be a biblical reference to the ‘red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke’ (Numbers 19:2). This rare beast (the ritual rules are very strict, a single black or a grey hair would disqualify the candidate – as it did in 1997 and 2002) has, within the Jewish community, been sought after to herald the coming of the Time of the Third Temple, it has also been identified (Epistle of Barnabus 7:4) as being identical with Jesus Christ.


1798 - Thomas Waldron
1850 - Thomas Wills
1873 - FJ Thomas
1877 - James Pengelly
1890 - William Pethick
1895 - Robert West
1910 - A Williams