Red Cow (Bayswater Road)

It’s not an entirely unfamiliar tale, but certainly there are but a few similar instances in Plymouth whereby a building has different names and addresses without actually moving. Originally a late nineteenth century shop in Albert Road leading down into Saltash Street and Pennycomequick, this became a beer house in Bayswater Road, a cul-de-sac off North Road West. The transition to a licensed premises came in the late 1870s while the renaming of the street came after the war, by which time the premises had long since become an off licence. Interestingly enough Bayswater Terrace was the name of a pre-war section of the street, on the northern side – Stanley Terrace was a section on the south side – it is possible the name was changed to avoid confusion with Albert Road, Morice Town.

A popular pub name with biblical significance, there have been several ‘Red Cows’ in and around the Three Towns.


1880 - Samuel Edwards
1898 - Sydney Dyer
1903 - S Middlewick
1907 - EH Mark
1911 - MA Bartlett