Raleigh Inn

There were a lot of short-lived beerhouses and inns in Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport in the mid-nineteenth century, one of them in an industrious little street, with an even smaller thoroughfare, Wembury Street, running at angle off it. It was there, at that junction that the pub stood. Records are scant and it may be that at one time there were two pubs here, one of them the Raleigh Inn, the other the Wembury Inn and, clearly, the corner at the entrance to Wembury Street (which appears on maps but seldom in directories) is an obvious location for the latter.

The present Raleigh Street runs partly along the route of the old one which curved around into Courtenay Street, the pub itself would have stood roughly where the Co-op entrance, facing obliquely onto Derry’s Cross roundabout, stands today.


1857 - John Gilbert
1865 - Samuel Morrish