Queen’s Arms (White Cross)

Running north from Sutton Harbour, and one of the more ancient thoroughfares of old Plymouth was what was formerly White Cross Street and which later was renamed after the street it ran into – North Street.

At No.12 White Cross Street (later 67 North Street) stood the Queen’s Arms, which, would appear to have been renamed shortly after the coronation of Queen Victoria – there was also a King’s Arms in the street, but two earlier White Cross Street pub names seem to have disappeared around this time – the Fox & Goose and the Plume of Feathers – suggesting perhaps that one of them was renamed the Queen’s.

Victoria was just eighteen when she came to the throne in 1837 and would doubtless have been seen as hopefully heralding in a new era after the two elderly sons of the long-reigning George III had each enjoyed a brief spell on the throne.


1844 - John Cornish
1847 - J Couch
1850 - R Helson
1865 - Thomas Palmer
1873 - Thomas Shore
1880 - J Palmer
1885 - Robert Tremlett
1888 - Robert Allen
1890 - John Haskell
1898 - William Drake
1901 - J Vanstone