Queen’s Arms (Queen Street)

Queen Street, Devonport is in a part of Plymouth that has seen much redevelopment in recent years; running at right angles to the top of Cornwall Street, Queen Street was the straight pedestrian link between South Yard and Morice Yard of the Dockyard and the Queen’s Arms was half way along it, on the west side. One of six local pubs to bear that name over the years within the boundaries of modern Plymouth, the Queens closed just after Christmas Day in 1933 at a time when the area was previously being redeveloped.

A modest beerhouse it was once part of the New Victoria Brewery empire but was in the hands of St Aubyn Estates when it closed.


1867 - William Handcock
1877 - F Petherick
1880 - JP Parker
1885 - Thomas Luke
1890 - George Milford
1893 - W Metherell
1895 - Thomas Luke
1921 - John Williams
1923 - Percy Badock
1927 - Mark Jeffery
1930 - Ellen Jeffery
1930 - William Stephens