Queen’s Arms (Dockwell Street)

A clear contender for the most common pub name in the Plymouth area must be the Queen’s Arms. However given that the great pub era more or less began around the time that Queen Victoria was crowned and that for more than three quarters of that time there has been a Queen on the throne, it is perhaps not surprising. All in all we have had at least eight Queen’s Arms, three Queen’s Heads and a handful of sundry other Queen’s whatevers. Plymouth itself has had most, but Devonport has had a couple and the relatively short-lived Queen’s Arms in Dockwall Street was one of them.

Sometime in the late 1880s Dockwall Street was refashioned and became Edinburgh Road, it would appear that the side roads were also renamed, and redeveloped, however in its day the Queen’s Arms could be found on what was the southern corner of the Dockwall Street junction with Bragg’s Alley.


1852 - Thomas Bond
1862 - Miss Pretty
1864 - John Dooley
1867 - E Smerdon
1873 - Joseph Smerdon