Queen’s Arms (Densham Terrace)

The Queen’s Arms was located at No.1 Densham Terrace, part of North Road West, and at the western end of the railway bridge that straddled the railway route from the east and the west running into Millbay. That section of railway was infilled some twenty odd years ago, with, amongst other things, the rubble that accrued as a result of the demolition of another railway viaduct at St Levan Road.

Initially the resulting flat space was used as sports courts and pitches for the children of the area but they have been closed for sometime now, pending a new housing development.
Meanwhile the former Queen’s Arms has been pressed into service once more as a licensed premises, as the No.10 Club, a member’s club (membership is free) that has been running for many years now.


1880 - T Shore
1885 - R Tremlett
1890 - Thomas Ash
1901 - J Vanstone
1914 - Alfred Cross
1920 - Dennis Griffin
1924 - Frank Church
1925 - Hubert Toms
1925 - John Scott
1927 - Bartholomew Barry
1928 - Rose Lawrence
1933 - Norman Scawn
1934 - Arthur Dunelow