Queen Town Inn

Laid out in the middle of the nineteenth century, George Street, Stonehouse, (now known as Stonehouse Street) at one time was home to nine or ten pubs, some of which were relatively short lived. One or two had fairly regular pub names, like the Painter’s Arms, Builder’s Arms and the White Horse, but there was also the Three Kings Tavern and the Queen Town Inn.

Quite where the name Queen Town came from is unclear, certainly Queen Victoria was crowned in 1837, thereby bringing to an end 123 years of male domination of the throne of England, and Stonehouse Town Hall was erected in 1849-50, thereby conferring added status to Stonehouse – the smallest of the Three Towns. Could it have been these two things together that prompted the unusual choice of name, or was some other element at work?


1850 - John Rendle
1852 - William Rowe
1857 - Hannah Driscoll