Princess Royal (Albert Road)

In the middle of the nineteenth century, when Albert Road was still known as Navy Row and when Keyham Steamyard was newly opened, there were a dozen pubs up and down the busy thoroughfare. Most of them were on the north side, and several of them still survive today, however one which didn’t last long at all was the Princess Royal.

Situated in that stretch of Albert Road that lies between Charlotte Street and Garden Street it appears to have been in the hands of the light family for entire duration of its comparatively short life and even then it’s not clear how it was passed on – although it was possibly through husband and wife then father and daughter.

There have been several other Princess Royal in the Three Towns, one in Cornwall Street, Devonport, another in Union Street, Stonehouse, and a third on the Barbican in Notte Street. The Princess Royal from 1841 was Princess Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria – there was also a ship of the same name at that time.


1852 - Francis Light
1862 - Alf Light
1865 - Lavinia Light