Prince’s Street Inn

It’s not often that a street name is quite so obviously recorded in the name of a pub, but here, with uncertain punctuation, is the Prince’s Street Inn, Princes Street. Its life as a licensed premises appears to have been comparatively short lived, little more than 20-25 years in the second half of the nineteenth century. At that time there were plenty of small pubs in Devonport, most within a stone’s throw or so of the gates of the Dockyard or one or other of the many barrack blocks around the edge of town. The Prince’s Street Inn, standing almost opposite the entrance to St Aubyn Ope, was close to both the old and new Granby Barracks which were then occupied by the Royal Artillery and Army Service Corps.


1856 - Samuel Gartrell
1864 - W Thornton
1875 - H Saxby
1877 - JH Tallack