Prince William Henry

Named after the child born to Prince Frederick, Prince of Wales and his wife Princess Augusta, on 14 November 1743, this date could well give us an approximate clue as to the age of the pub, as records prior to George Drew’s tenancy, in 1798, are difficult to track.

Prince William Henry was born in Leicester House, London (there is a pub in Southwark that still bears his name) and was the grandson of George II and brother of George III – his father died in 1752, eight years before his father’s father, thus making his mother, Augusta one just a few Princesses of Wales never to become Queen (Augusta in Georgia is named after her). Prince William Henry himself married, secretly, Sir Robert Walpole’s illegitimate daughter, Maria, and the couple had three children, he also had a daughter by his mistress Lady Almeria Carpenter.

The Cumberland Street pub would appear to have been a victim of redevelopment that followed soon after the construction of Devonport Market at the end of the street.


1798 - George Drew
1812 - M Boyle
1822 - Henry Rogers
1830 - Richard Blight
1838 - May Perkins
1844 - Rebecca Bradley
1852 - James Polyblank
1857 - Richard Luke