Prince Teck

Known at first as the Shakespeare Inn, the Prince Teck in Gloucester Street, Morice Town, was named after the Austrian Prince Francis of Teck.

Born in 1837, Teck was the son of the Duke of Wurttemberg and became an officer in the Austrian army (in the 7th Hussars). On 12 June 1866, at Kew, he married Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, a cousin of Queen Victoria and the name of the pub appears to have changed soon afterwards. The couple had four children Victoria Mary, Adolphus, Francis and Alexander.

Enjoying a lavish lifestyle they built up debts and in 1883 fled to Europe, returning to live in Richmond on New Year’s Eve 1885. In December 1891 their daughter Mary married George, Duke of Clarence, the eldest son of the Prince of Wales – only months earlier she had been engaged to his late-brother Prince Albert. Later her husband would become George V (1910-1936) and she, Queen Mary. Prince Teck himself died on 21 January 1900, three years after his wife.


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