Prince Regent (Regent Street)

It stood on the other side of the road from the site that would later house Sutton High School, however by the time that was built (as Regent Street School) in 1897, the Prince Regent had long since closed, indeed, by some quirk of fate, by that time there was a painter on the corner of Trafalgar Street here, where now the Dulux Decorator Centre stands.

Named in honour of the Prince Regent, Prince George who stood in for his father on the latter’s declared insanity in 1811, and who later still (in 1820) succeeded his father as George IV, the Prince had been described as ‘a bad husband, bad father, bad subject, bad monarch and bad friend’.

Curiously enough, in the post war redevelopment of the City, Plymouth had a second Prince Regent, at the east end of Union Street.


1862 - John Launder
1865 - Thomas Taylor
1867 - Mrs Ann Cole
1870 - J Pennell