Prince Regent

At one time or another the Three Towns – Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport – appear to have sported three different Prince Regent pubs, although seemingly none of them co-existed, and only one of them appears to have been open when George III’s eldest son, 49-year-old Prince George, was appointed Prince Regent, in 1811.

That was the Prince Regent in Kerr Street (the others were the slightly later nineteenth century Prince Regent in Regent Street and the post-war pub that still graces the corner of Union Street and Western Approach). Ker Street itself was relatively new in 1811, as was the three-masted sailing ship Prince Regent which was built in London that year and which subsequently saw many years’ service as a convict ship travelling to and fro Australia.

Curiously enough, three years later, when we find record of our first licensee here, there was also a British warship, HMS Prince Regent launched in Canada, however this was soon renamed HMS Kingston after dockyard in which she had been built.


1814 - Richard Brown
1824 - G Whiteford