Prince of Wales

Not surprisingly each of the Three Towns – Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport – formerly sported a pub of this name, the curious aspect of the story is, however, that both Plymouth and Stonehouse have had at least two Prince of Wales pubs: Plymouth in Frankfort Street, Russell Street and Armada Street; Stonehouse in Fore Street and Chapel Street.

The available information on the two Stonehouse establishments suggests that both were short-lived, and further that as soon as one closed, the other opened. Clearly they were not all that far from each other: the first being just the other side of the entrance to Stonehouse Bridge at the beginning of Fore (High) Street, the second being right next door to the erstwhile St George’s Church, Stonehouse (the original parish church which was destroyed during the war).

A greengrocer’s in 1862 it appears to have reverted to that role within 15 years.


1865 - John Palmer
1873 - P Maunder