Prince Inn

The Prince Inn stood in the old Kinterbury Street, which ran north from Whimple Street, in contrast to its modern counterpart, which virtually runs parallel to it.

The Prince was just a few doors up from the junction with Whimple Street in fact and was one of a number of pubs that once lined this narrow and short thoroughfare – among them the Old Golden Lion, the Spread Eagle, the Bunch of Grapes, Stoker’s Arms and King’s Head.
Originally the buildings here dated back to the days of Drake and Queen Elizabeth, but over the years most were replaced. Our earliest reference to No.4 as a pub was in the 1840s, suggesting that the Prince in question was Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert, the Prince Regent.

By the 1870s, No.4 had become a stationers.


1847 - Thoams Ware
1862 - M Williams
1865 - J Page
1867 - Henry White