Prince Arthur (St Mary Street)

Named after the royal prince who popped into the world on the first day of May 1850, the Prince Arthur was still trading in the 1950s although it didn’t survive beyond that decade. It was situated on the north western corner of St Mary Street and Union Street, on a site now long-since redeveloped. Originally a doctor’s house, a role that it had when Prince Arthur was born, the property had become the Prince Arthur by the early 1870s in the wake of the many changes that were visited upon Union Street after the development of Millbay Docks and the arrival of the railway.

Part of the Plymouth Breweries empire in East Stonehouse, the Prince Arthur indirectly owed its name to the Duke of Wellington, for Queen Victoria’s seventh child was born on the Duke’s 81st birthday and the Duke was to become the godfather to the young prince named in his honour.


1873 - Henry Creake
1878 - William Walkinshaw
1880 - W Cox
1885 - William Symons
1895 - RJ Hoblyn
1910 - W Clements
1920 - Thursa Clements
1926 - Elizabeth Miles
1940 - Hugh Stowell
1943 - Sidney Mound
1955 - Dorothy Lamerton
1959 - Howard Newnham