Prince Arthur (Cecil Street)

In an age when the Three Towns were rapidly expanding and the number of pubs was ever-increasing, royalty and loyalty went hand in hand and members of the royal household were regularly remembered in the naming of pubs. It undoubtedly helped that the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and the Army played such an important part in the general economy of the Three Towns, and, in particular, that of the licensed trade.

There were, for example four Prince of Wales, three Prince Alberts, two Prince Regents, a Prince William Henry, Prince George, a Prince Tech, a Prince Alfred and three Prince Arthurs – not to mention all the Kings, Queens, Dukes, Duchesses and Princesses.

This particular Prince Arthur actually started life as the Prince Albert (the change of name came in the late 1870s) and it stood in Cecil Street, just to the north of its junction with King Street. The pub appears to have closed at some point during the First World War.


1862 - Henry Swaffin
1865 - John Coram
1873 - Mrs J Coram
1880 - Mrs J Peters
1883 - William Holmes
1907 - William Brimblecombe
1911 - H Rodd
1914 - Alfred Kent