Prince Albert Inn

There were several Prince Albert’s in the Three Towns in the middle of the nineteenth century: there was one in Chapel Street, overlooking Stonehouse Bridge; one in Marlborough Street (later renamed Casey’s) and another in Notte Street on the Barbican. There was also a fourth, honouring Albert (the Prince Consort, Queen Victoria’s husband – 1819-1861), in Claremont Street.

It stood on the eastern side, near the top, backing onto Boon’s Place.

John Matthews was the first licensee here and it seems that he left to take on the neighbouring Claremont Street pub, the Oxford Inn (which was subsequently run by his wife). Edward Hosking then took on the Prince Albert, but when he left the building was occupied by a succession of carpenters – Heathman and Sheriff.


1852 - John Matthews
1862 - Edward Hosking