Pride of Devon

Time was when Cecil Street and Flora Street met at King Street, today however only Cecil Street extends that far, new developments having obscured around two-thirds of the northern section of Flora Street. The interesting thing about the earlier relationship between the two streets however is that at one time they each sported a pub called the ‘Pride of’ something, and curiously enough there are no other examples of ‘Pride of’ pubs anywhere in and around the Three Towns.

In Flora Street you would have found the Pride of the Forest, while in Cecil Street there stood – for many years – the Pride of Devon. A seemingly rare style of pub name there are still one or two others around, including, in London, a Pride of Pimlico, a Pride of Stepney and a Pride of the Isle (of Dogs).

The Pride of Devon closed in the early 1900s and, of all things, became a day nursery.


1857 - William Shore
1862 - John Breadey
1865 - John Hall
1867 - James Crute
1870 - Samuel Bowerman
1873 - George Honey
1903 - George Bilsbury