Post Office Inn

One of many licensed sites to be issued with a Suspense Certificate in 1943, the Post Office in Market Place, stood between East Street and Old Town Avenue on a site currently just to the north of the booth at the New George Street entrance to the car park at the back of Lloyds Bank in Royal Parade.

CB (Charles Blackburn) Hodges took on the Post Office almost 100 years ago and remained here for over twenty years, with his son succeeding him in 1928. During that time one of his marketing ploys was a little business card with his name and address on one side and an amusing little rhyme on the other; “I have many, good reasons for drinking. And one has just entered my head; If a man should not drink while he’s living, How the H … can he drink when he’s dead.”


1844 - William Avery
1850 - J Pearse
1852 - Morris Cole
1873 - Richard Budge
1878 - Elizabeth Harris
1880 - G Davis
1888 - Agnes Davis
1896 - Walter Hicks
1905 - J Robinson
1907 - Charles Blackburn Hodges
1928 - Charles Richard Hodges
1934 - John Malcolm
1934 - Robert Heath
1941 - William Sheffield