It was reputedly in the wake of the post-1967 Francis Chichester euphoria that swept Plymouth that the landlord here, Harold Darlington, was prompted to change the name of his Looe Street pub from the Porter’s Arms to the Barbican Arms. Happily, in a relatively unusual move in the licensing trade, that new name has gone and in its place we have an abbreviated version of the old name as this is now known simply as ‘Porters’.

Curiously enough Looe Street itself was known for a time by a different name – Pike Street; it was also one of a number of streets around the town that Sir Francis Drake owned property in (there is a plaque at the top of the street which should in fact be down nearer here at the bottom of the street).


1852 - Sam Hayman
1852 - Robert Ridholls
1866 - Mary White
1880 - William Perraton
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