Pilot Boat

The Pilot Boat, on the north eastern corner of Pembroke Street and Monument Street, was one of about twenty pubs or beerhouses that Pembroke Street boasted in the middle of the nineteenth century – indeed there was another on the opposite corner of Monument Street. Towards the end of the 1860s a number of these hostelries closed down and the Pilot Boat was one of them.

Located so close to the Dockyard and to the then bustling little harbour of Mutton Cove – home to many boatmen – it’s no great surprise to find a ‘Pilot’ pub in the area: there are a number of others dotted around British coastal towns, the term having maritime connections that go back several hundred years before the first airship left the ground with a steersman or helmsman at the controls.


1812 - William Tucker
1814 - R Kingwell
1822 - S Perkins
1857 - George Harris
1862 - W Brown
1864 - Charles Rose
1867 - Honor Gibson