Pethick & Co were wine and spirit merchants who operated out of 95 Fore Street (at its junction with Lambert Street), Devonport, in the 1890s. They were by no means the first to run a licensed premises from that property however, and Charles Hunt preceded them in the early part of that decade. The corner property thereafter appears to have continued in operation as a Wine & Spirit Merchants with a succession of managers, including SH Deacon, WR Payne, William Moyse, Leonard James and finally Leonard Stanley.

Moyse’s wife, Edith, was apparently the Devonport Carnival Queen for the year 1926 and two years later she took over the running of Pethick’s herself.

Like most of the rest of Fore Street however, Pethick’s was to become one of Devonport’s Second World War casualties.


1865 - Mrs J Hyne
1890 - Charles Hunt
1895 - Pethick & Co
1904 - SH Deacon
1920 - WR Payne
1923 - William Moyse
1928 - Edith Moyse
1937 - Leonard James