Painter’s Arms (Willow Street)

It stood between Philadelphia Court and Jackson’s Court at the top end of Willow Street, on the north side, opposite the former South Devon Brewery run by Messrs Hicks and Webber.
A logical enough site for a pub, Willow Street was nevertheless a narrow thoroughfare which ran down from Russell Street into Frankfort Street and further had a side alleyway Arches Lane, running sideways off into Frankfort Street.

The pub appears to have closed sometime around the start of the First World War, and may have been the victim of redevelopment as the site of the Painter’s Arms appears to have given way, appropriately enough, to the offices of National Amalgamated Society of Operative House & Ship’s Painters & Decorators. The site today stands in the service court at the back of those buildings on the west side of Armada Way between New George Street and Cornwall Street.


1857 - Robert Sheldon
1862 - Humphrey Stoyle
1873 - John Stoyle
1877 - William Down
1885 - Mrs L Kelway
1890 - William Tremeer
1912 - Mrs Tremeer