Painter’s Arms (George Street)

Time was when tradesmen were regularly looked to for naming pubs, after royalty and famous people the ordinary working man has been celebrated in a whole host of hostelries up and down the country – the Farmer’s Arms, the Butcher’s, the Baker’s, the Blacksmith’s, Carpenter’s, Mason’s, Stonemason’s, Builder’s and Painter’s – the Three Towns have had them all and more besides. However you will have to travel some way to find a Doctor’s, or a Dentist’s or Lawyer’s Arms. Equally some of the trades we associate with the twentieth century world, like Electrician or Technician, are seldom if ever seen represented on ale-house signage. Having said that, few of the old names survive locally and the Painter’s in George Street, Stonehouse, along with the Builder’s that was on the opposite corner, is long gone.


1850 - Thomas Phillips
1856 - Jane Hales
1857 - George Pethrick
1873 - William Mooney
1877 - J Musgrove
1880 - M Bernard