Oxford Inn (Devonport)

Not surprisingly, being directly opposite the old dockyard gates there were several inns on either side of the western end of Fore Street. The Dockyard Gates and The Fountain were on one side, The Falmouth (on the corner) and The Oxford Inn (next door to it) on the other. Some years before the end of the nineteenth century however both sides were redeveloped; famously Aggie Weston’s Sailor’s Rest appeared on the southern side and a couple of drapers and a major plumber’s business appeared on this – the northern – side.

At the time this engraving was executed, in the mid-1850s however, those changes had yet to take place, and despite the apparent gentility depicted this could doubtless be one of the noisiest and liveliest parts of the town.


1830 - Elizabeth Sheppard
1838 - May Symons
1847 - Harriet Symons
1852 - William Charlick
1856 - Harriet Symons
1862 - John Rail
1867 - Daniel McDonald
1877 - John Shananhan