Oxford Inn (Claremont Street)

The Oxford Inn occupied the premises known as No.4 Claremont Street, a thoroughfare that, comparatively recently, lost it’s southern end in the post-war redevelopment of the area. It stood just yards from the Claremont Street junction with Plymouth’s Oxford Street (the pub almost certainly owing its name to that street) a little to the west of the modern Western Approach.

A couple of doors nearer Oxford Street was the old Valletort, itself completely refashioned since the war.

There was also a third pub in the street, the charmingly christened Hearts of Oak, but that closed some twenty years before the Blitz, back in 1921.


1864 - George Wills
1867 - Ann Furze
1873 - William May
1877 - E May
1880 - J Mercer
1885 - F Fowl
1888 - WH Daniels
1898 - John Martin
1907 - W Ferraro
1920 - William Pike
1923 - Hubert Furneaux
1927 - John Davis
1947 - William Bowden
1958 - Nancy Betts