Orlando Inn

One of the many pubs that at one time or another stood along the length of Union Street, the Orlando stood in the Stonehouse end of the street, just a few yards from the junction with Brownlow Street, on the northern side of the road.

It is likely that the name was a popular reference to Roland, or Orlando, one of Charlemagne’s stronger and more famous twelfth century knights. Meanwhile it seems that the pub itself was little more than a modest beer house which started its social life as an eating house in the 1850s (it was a piano warehouse and organ builders before that) and ended up as a restaurant – the Lighthouse Restaurant – briefly becoming a fish and chip shop just before the war.


1873 - John Dennis
1877 - Mr Scown
1880 - T Sprague
1885 - JJ Skewes
1895 - J Treweek
1898 - S Waymouth
1903 - J Dempsey
1911 - W Bailey
1919 - Arthur Bailey