Original Inn

Original it may have been but there appears to have been no successor or latter day replacement. However in the late 1850s – around the time that this map was surveyed – there is clear reference in the local directories to the Original Inn, Lipson Vale.
As you can see Lipson Vale was nothing like its modern counterpart, there being just a few buildings either side of the then relatively new South Devon Railway route into Plymouth which had been laid down less than a decade earlier.

Alexandra Road was still some years off, while Savery Terrace was as yet an undeveloped short cut off Lipson Hill on the Lipson Road (the main way out of Plymouth before the Embankment was built. There were just a few properties either side of the railway on Ashford Hill too, so the Inn was possibly there to fortify travellers on their way up Lipson Hill rather than for the local market.