Old Globe Inn

It was described in 1865 as a ‘licensed refreshment house’ and as such it was, at that time, one in four of the thirty-five addresses in William Street was either a beer house or a licensed premises – among them the Royal Standard, Morice Town Spirit Vaults, the Wellington and, right next door to the Old Globe, the Victoria.

The main reason for this was William Street’s location, one end of this short stretch met up with Keyham Road and led straight to the gateway of the then new Keyham Steamyard (now the main part of the dockyard) while the other end met the end of Ferry Road, leading down to the Torpoint Crossing, and the end of New Passage Hill, the thoroughfare that was the only northern route out of Devonport, and which itself had no pubs or properties along its length as it cut across Devonport Park.

There was, incidentally, another Old Globe on Cornwall Beach, just a little further down the eastern bank of the Tamar.


1857 - Samuel Hangar
1880 - Mrs C Cannon
1882 - Thomas Williams
1885 - E Neagle
1888 - T Fallon
1904 - L Duckham
1905 - J Matthews
1908 - E West