Octagon Cellars

Within a few years of the railway arriving at Millbay and the docks there being developed, the whole complexion of the greater Union Street area changed, and among the many manifestations of that change was a sudden proliferation of pubs.

Octagon Street suddenly found itself with at least four – the Tradesman’s, the Tandem, the Britannia and the Alliance. Thomas Bailey was the licensee of the latter and but the name does not seem to have survived his departure as the name most consistently associated with the property was the Octagon Cellars by which title it was known from the 1860s through to its closure around the turn of the century.

The pub stood in an isolated position on the eastern side of Octagon Street with Granby Lane on one side (to the north) and Granby Street on the other (to the south).


1856 - Thomas Bailey
1862 - George Bustin
1865 - John Roach
1867 - James Cook
1873 - W Barraball
1877 - Thomas Usher
1885 - WH Mussell
1895 - WT Foster
1898 - George Dameral