Ocean Inn

On the west side of Cecil Street, between King Street and Frederick Street, there was, for the best part of 100 years, a modest beerhouse called the Ocean Inn.

Once part of the mini, local empire run by the New Victoria Brewery which operated out of their purpose-built premises in Hyde Park Road (now Weston Park Road), the Ocean Inn was latterly part of the Ind Coope chain. It appears to have opened soon after the street was laid out in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Curiously, this typically-terraced beerhouse became a proper pub in March 1960 but it closed just a couple of years later, its last license being granted in February 1962.
The site has long since been redeveloped with newer residential accommodation.


1873 - William Reid
1880 - P Baker
1910 - GT Baker
1920 - William Rees
1921 - Charles Prout
1923 - Allen Bate
1926 - Alfred Wiseman
1932 - Harold Booth
1935 - Sidney Bailey
1955 - William Barnes
1958 - John Warn