North Star

Originally anyone writing to Thomas Martin, licensee of the North Star would have addressed his communiqué to No.12 North Place (the No Place Inn, incidentally was No.1 North Place), before the nineteenth century had reached its conclusion however, this had become No.145 North Road. An unassuming beerhouse, this rather modest and long-since closed premises was most likely named, not after the celebrated pole star but rather the well-known – in its day – locomotive built by George Stephenson for the Great Western Railway. This railway passed under North Road for the first time in 1849 (bound for Millbay) and was blessed with another major local station at the other end of North Road in 1877.


1864 - Thomas Martin
1867 - William Ackrall
1873 - J Kendall
1877 - Charity Kendall
1898 - John Parr
1912 - Mary Hoar
1919 - Frederick Hoar
1928 - James Cundy