Newport Inn

It stood in the street called Edinburgh Road, formerly known as Dockwall Street for the simple reason that it used to face onto the old wall of Southyard. For those who know the Southyard today and what is left of “The Terrace” the pub would have faced the back of the southern end of the terrace, the end that was bombed during the war.

The Newport closed in 1953 when so many adjacent properties were compulsorily purchased to enable the mid-fifties extension of the Dockyard and now little or no trace remains of Edinburgh Road or the neighbouring two streets that sat either side of the block that housed this pub, namely Northbrook Street and Corry Street.

Newport (in Monmouthshire) was, incidentally “new” more than eight hundred years ago, while the Newport Inn itself appears to date from around the middle of the nineteenth century.


1852 - William Pudner
1888 - James Fabian
1890 - Maude Buttle
1893 - Richard Pawley
1895 - Robert Glanville
1921 - Mrs Elizabeth Glanville
1922 - George Baker
1924 - Tom Treeby
1949 - Anna Treeby
1950 - Audrey/Roy Powell