Newcastle Tavern

It stood just up from the northern corner of James Street and Pembroke Street (up from the Royal Exchange Spirit Vaults) on a site now buried beneath the play area of Mount Wise Primary School. Overlooking the Dockyard wall, it’s opposite that stretch running almost parallel to the old ropery, the only section of James Street that has never had any housing on it. Quite what the Newcastle connection was is unclear, certainly this tavern appears to be the only one ever to have existed in the Three Towns and indeed in the Westcountry, the name being quite rare nationally. It is possible that there was a local link with the fourth HMS Newcastle which was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century and which was scrapped in Liverpool after an uneventful career in 1850, some fifteen years before time appears to have been called in the pub.


1830 - Richard Bray
1838 - Richard Collins
1850 - Edward Bennett
1857 - James Hammond
1862 - J Strictland
1864 - Robert Webb