New Inn

Crownhill has seen many changes in the last century or so. Time was when there were three pubs in and around the Crownhill part of the main northern route out of Plymouth. The First and Last, the New Inn and the Castle Farm Inn. It would appear that around the time that the (now gone) Plumer Barracks were built, in the 1890s, the first two pubs were amalgamated in terms of their licence and the First and Last became the Tamar, which was later rebuilt as the Tamar we know today. The New Inn itself, appears to have disappeared. It is believed to have stood slightly to the east of the present Plumer House Building (Land Registry) just to the north of an old toll gate, which in turn was on the site of the garage that sits within the flyover complex at this busy junction.


1850 - James Pengelly
1857 - Servington Lethbridge
1870 - James Pengelly
1873 - Thomas Rollstone
1883 - William Raymond
1893 - Mrs WH Raymond