New Inn (Catte Street)

Running off one of Plymouth’s oldest thoroughfares – High Street (now renamed Buckwell Street) – was a short thoroughfare (it ended at Batter Street) formerly known as Cat, or Catte, Street. Like High Street this was later renamed as an extension of the street it runs into – Stillman Street.

That change appears to have taken place in or around the 1870s when what was originally No.7, then No.14 Catte Street, became 45 Stillman Street. The postman would have been unconcerned by these changes for the most part though, as throughout this period the premises continued to be known as the New Inn. It stood between High Street and Batter Street, on the south side, and latterly opposite the Palace Court Schools.


1823 - Philip Jenkins
1830 - Richard Slade
1844 - Ann M’Gill
1850 - Priscilla Luscombe
1852 - Thomas Hole
1864 - Henry Palmer
1880 - R Smallridge
1885 - W Folland
1895 - Mrs Emma Earl
1904 - Thomas England
1912 - J Brown