New Four Castles

The New Four Castles stood in Russell Street on the corner of what was Frankfort Square (on a site just to the north and east of the Sun Dial). As the name implies there was an Old Four Castles in Plymouth too, indeed it was much older dating back to the mid-seventeenth century at least.

That particular pub closed in the 1890s when much of Old Town Street (in which it stood) was demolished to allow for road widening and redevelopment, so for forty years or so the two pubs co-existed.

The name of both relates back to the old castle quadrate on the Barbican, the four towers of the original medieval castle overlooking the Barbican and first recorded back in 1439 and is the basis of the Plymouth crest.


1852 - Samuel Knight
1857 - James Glanville
1870 - SE Emmett
1873 - JT Smith
1877 - L Folly
1880 - Mrs T Steer
1885 - JM Sercombe
1914 - Miss L Sercombe
1923 - WH Bennett